Victoria Louise Butler
Sex. Lies. Lust. Betrayal.
Dark secrets & golden lives.
What would you do For The Love of Money?

In a world where a pay cut means taking home millions, not billions, 'For the Love of Money' witnesses a power-play between rags-to-riches tycoon Alexander Swann and brash investment banker James Cartwright. Adultery, fear and greed combust in an explosive showdown that forces both men to the brink. They gamble everything they have, and every one they love, in a rollercoaster ride of a novel that will leave you breathless!

Dark, dangerous, thought-provoking and ultimately redemptive, this blistering novel brings sexy back to the City...

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What the readers say:

 ***** ‘It’s been a while since I was as gripped by a book as this. Victoria’s characterisation is excellent and her ability to create tension means you just want to keep reading.’

*****   ‘An intelligently worked plot with thrills and spills galore. This fast paced book will keep you reading with its exciting story line. Often funny and sometimes sad but never disappointing!’

About Victoria: I've worked as an English teacher in one of London's toughest boroughs and a day trader on the stockmarket - and I don't know which was scarier! But I've certainly seen both sides of City life. After an unexpected operation changed my life, I finally had time to write the stories I've always wanted to tell. 'For the Love of Money' is the first and I'm working on the next, 'For the sake of Pride'.

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